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Customer Testimonials

"My husband has been getting chemo/radiation/surgery for metastatic colon cancer since 2013.  Started in colon, then each lung and pancreas - all resolved with chemo and radiation w/some surgery.  Latest findings were two tumors on his liver.  The oncologist suggested waiting to jump on the treatment for these tumors due to the closeness of the last treatments.  Suggested have a scan in 3 months to see how aggressive these tumors were.  Started drinking the Essiac Tea at a good friend's recommendation with no other treatment.  The 3 month scan revealed one lesion was not detectable and the other to be stable.  The oncologist suggested we scan again after Christmas and see where we are.  He said, I have no scientific proof but keep drinking the tea and we will see where we are on the next scan.  My husband drinks his tea every morning without fail before breakfast.  Says it taste like potatoes.  Thank you for the quality service and making it possible to get the tea."  

SC, Texas

(Extra Strength Essiac Tea)

"Dear Lynne, I had ordered some Essiac Tea from you some months ago. I had the pleasure of talking to you over the phone. I just want to let you know that I finally made my first batch of Tea for my Mom, and she started feeling more energy and within a couple days mom's energy levels have improved! I am drinking the Tea as well and I really like it! I have shared the information with my co-workers, I have also shared with them to order from you. I will be ordering more Tea from you. Thank you so much for your great customer service. Sincerely,"

VC, California

(Regular Strength Essiac Tea)

"I have been drinking this Essiac tea with 10% percent sheep sorrel root.  
I have found this tea gives me more energy compared to other brands I have tried.  
I definitely recommend it!"

MA, New York
(Regular Strength Essiac Tea)