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Providing top quality Essiac Tea Herbs.  Essiac Tea's formula stems from a Canadian Native American Medicine Man's herbal remedy.  Canadian nurse Rene Caisse carried out research on the tea for decades and determined the essential ingredients to be Essiac's four herb formula, including Sheep Sorrel whole herb and root, Burdock root, Slippery Elm inner bark, and Turkey Rhubarb root.  Essiac is a foundational tea and is known for treatment for cancer, detoxification and other health concerns.  Our tea herbs are Certified Organic or grown according to organic principles in the Northwest U.S.  We include Sheep Sorrel roots in our formula, which Rene Caisse found to be an essential ingredient in Essiac Tea, based on her research.


The Earth's magnetic field has decreased over time.  People using magnets, e.g. Magnetico magnetic mattresses, have reported help improving pain and other health concerns.  Magnetic mattresses can also help detoxify heavy metals from the body.